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At Moran and Bamford Electrical we offer, a complete range of grid connect, off grid and hybrid solar solutions to our residential and commercial customers. We design and install a system that suits your individual needs, we offer a range of world class products and pride ourselves on professional installations. We are proud to be a member of the Power Partners Network, the leading dealer group of its kind in the renewable energy industry.






Solar Photovoltaic – How It Works

Solar PV panels on the roofs of homes and businesses generate clean electricity by converting the energy in sunlight.
This conversion takes place within modules of specially fabricated materials that make up the solar panels. It is a relatively simple process that requires no moving parts. In most cases, solar panels are connected to the mains power supply through a device called an inverter.





Solar power is a great way to reduce your electricity bill at home. But how big should a solar system be and what makes a good system?

The ideal system size depends on your home power consumption. For typical households a small 2kw system may only partially reduce your power bill, whilst a 5kw system may have a much larger impact. Another sizing factor is the available space on your roof. Solar modules ideally face north to access the most sun year round.

Once the size of the system is determined the inverter can be selected. The inverter converts DC electricity from the modules to AC electricity ready for your house and the grid. Inverters are sophisticated devices which are constantly optimising the way power is collected from the system.

So if you are thinking about a solar system for your home have confidence that Moran and Bamford have the experience in your local area and use world class products to give the best performance over the life of your solar system.


When the electricity grid is not available solar panels and batteries are a trusted and reliable solution for power in remote locations.

Solar systems ranging from 5Watts to 300Watts find applications in off-grid situations and batteries with capacity to run small lights through to whole buildings for days.

An off-grid power system has three major elements:

  • Solar Panels sized to match the battery voltage requirements, number of days of power to be stored and load variations. When remote power solutions are not situated on a building, ground or pole mounting structures are used to orient the panels to the ideal generation angle and direction.
  • Regulators take the DC power generated by the solar panels and manage the charging of the battery.
  • Batteries for solar application are difference to automotive batteries in many ways. Firstly they have to be able to discharge slowly and for longer rather than in short bursts only occasionally when starting a car. A typical solar battery will charge each day and significantly discharge each day.


Commercial Solar makes sense for many businesses, providing great savings on operational costs. Listed below is a checklist of factors which may impact the applicability of a commercial solar system for your business:

  • Do you have ownership or granted use for a roof area or a site for ground mounted solar? Solar systems can be mounted on a flat or inclined roof with a variety of mounting techniques.
  • Will your business energy use expand which may cause your power bills to increase? Installing a commercial solar system can act as a hedge against price rises and increased consumption rates.

We will carry out an initial site visit. During the visit the following information is evaluated to ensure the success of the system design:

  • Site evaluation including roof structure
  • Review of services required and possible infrastructure issues
  • Project size and estimated annual energy output
  • Design and development of your solar power solutions options

You will then be presented with your solar options, you are then well equipped to make an informed decision about your energy strategy, carbon footprint and environmental impacts. After reviewing these options, we can prepare for, and complete the installation.


A hybrid system works in a similar way as a normal grid connect solar system, however there are a few extra components and batteries required. A hybrid system will not only feed solar power back onto the grid but will also store power for use when the sun goes down. It also acts as a backup power supply should the main grid fail.

The main benefits of a Hybrid system are:

  • You have backup power capability in the event of a grid power outage
  • You can reduce your power bills by generating power yourself
  • You can choose when to use grid power or when to use self generated stored power

We offer quality Hybrid solutions including Selectronics from Australia and SMA from Germany. The selection of equipment and design of the system depends on the needs of the client and the location of the system.

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